Friday, May 13, 2016

Hon. Dr Akin Olowookere... Adds another year today 13th may 2016

Happy birthday  to  a great Leader,  Hon. Dr Akin Olowookere... The most inspiring philanthropist of this Era worthy of emulation with a visible footprint in so many Nigerian lives using the PPP formular. He is the man who invented the formula to eradicate Poverty through Property into Prosperity. The only man who  we should look up to from CHANGE to TRANSFORMATION. As we step out  today to celebrate HIS day with the masses and less privelegdes all around the federation,  God bless him & enlarge his coast !!! He is worth more than a GOVERNOR, as he deserves to be a PRESIDENT of a federation .

The  entire management and staff of julietta Magazine Congratulate you on your birthday

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