Monday, August 3, 2015



THAT PMAN is the only registered Entertainment Trade Union in Nigeria. ..... meaning that every association that has to do with entertainment is under PMAN..

THAT: If you are a performer of any kind.... singer...dancer...instrumentalists. You also belong in PMAN.. THAT: Sound Engineers Music Producers Record Label Owners Music Video Directors. Actors Movie Producers Movie Directors Are really all under PMAN..

THAT: PMAN is the only
entertainment industry in Africa to own a server that can take millions of data of every of its members. .

THAT: AIRTEL has over 30, 000 distribution hubs for the distribution and sales of Artistes Intellectual Properties and PMAN has signed a multi Billion naira contract with AIRTEL

THAT: You as an Artiste  have unlimited access to making free calls to everyone on the PMAN CUG LINE for 1, 000 monthly

THAT: Every Artiste  can now put a security code on his work..put it online and you can start receiving Royalties for the 1st time in a very long time...

THAT: PMAN has for all her members Health cover for you and Four other members of your family Accident/permanent disability cover Life insurance for 5million naira

THAT: Never has CBN partnered with any Union or Association before....but PMAN is the 1st to achieve this...

THAT: Four banks namely Heritage bank Union bank Unity bank Skye bank Have all partnered with PMAN on the registration of the PMAN BIOMETRIC I.D CARD SCHEME.....

THAT: The entertainment industry is worth 9 trillion naira The Oil industry worth 5 trillion naira The Telecommunications is worth 2.3 trillion naira Yep...yearly. ... Have I gotten your attention yet?

Have I awaken something in your Spirit..... How did you used to view Entertainers and the Entertainment industry before? now.....The story has changed... We have found out that Nigeria can be sustained with Entertainment But we must 1st have a structure

THE NEW building these new structures to lay a foundation for ourselves, the economy at large and our Children to come. Get your Airtel CUG line for free at any of the banks above and then register for your pman biometric I.d card for five thousand naira only NOW.......if you didn't know PMAN is now equipped with all these... ...........YOU ARE WELCOME............ Music is life. We can now take care of our own. We wont stop. God bless PMAN. God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Signed.   Pretty Okafor            

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