Saturday, June 13, 2015


Joshua Enakhimion Aka jayFeel is a Singer Song Writer, fantastic  Performer.  He  hails From Edo State Benin city Currently. he is Based In Lagos Nigeria A  Mass communication student..

After  Nigerian IDOL Season 3 I, the young man  have been working on songs.. For his  debut album super man... Which is to drop sometime this  year 2015.

Jayfeel has been underground for sometime due to studies , He  is set to release his new single titiled CELEBRATION
The Song was inspired by the holy spirit He further explained to   julietta magazine  that he truly  needs  to  Celebrate cause GOD has made him victorious from all the rumors that was spread online about. Him. The talented artiste said that his up coming new single  is just a tip of the ice. Berg. As he is making a huge come back

Jayfeel  dedicates  his single to  everyone who. Has had a problem and came out victorious in his own words he says. OYA CELEBRATE

The song will drop the last Friday of the month of June So all jayfeel fans anticipate !!!

You can Follow jayfeel on  twitter @itsjayfeel instagram itsjayfeel Facebook jayfeel

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